Detroit Kid City Is:

In a modern world filled with electronics, video games, computers & so many other distractions, children rarely get the chance to exercise their imaginations in a free play setting.  


On top of that parents hardly have the time to join in on the fun. Imaginations need to be exercised in a fun & inspiring environment but where?


Detroit Kid City has you covered! 










Since the late 60's Detroit has been dealt a bad name and we are here to showcase to families all over the nation the important role Detroit has played in everyone's life from Ford's first assembly line right on thru the Hits that came from Motown Records! We set out in early 2012 to create a spot in the community where families could let their imaginations roam free in a safe, friendly & fun atmosphere while feeling like they were visiting a simpler time in Detroit's history. We have done just that!

Shortly after, a second location was open to better serve the need of quality family entertainment. It is now the company's mission to enrich the lives of more families and communities across the nation, by giving them an experience of much simpler times, all while showcasing the best of DETROIT!



- Is fool proof & allows anyone who knows how to work hard & have fun achieve success. 


- Is based on the development and operation of our Detroit Kid City® corporate locations,    which concepts have been thriving for over 5 years. 


- Believes in old school superior customer service & won't stand for anything less!


- Allows anyone with a healthy imagination to have good old fashioned fun in a electronic   free setting.

"Where Imagination Grows & Coffee Flows"®
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